Spirit River Striped Wolf (He/Him) is from the Piikani Nation which helps make up the Blackfoot Confederacy in Treaty 7 Territory. His Blackfoot name is Makoyiomahka which describes an enduring running wolf. Spirit River, in his own journey, has learned from his own experience of intergenerational trauma as a second generation survivor of the Indian Residential Schools, 60s scoop and the Indian Day Schools.

Spirit River has dedicated his life to improving the conditions of Indigenous Peoples through advocacy, volunteering, and leadership initiatives since his adolescence. He finished his degree at Mount Royal University, achieving a BA in Policy Studies. From 2016 to 2020, Spirit River and a professor created a social innovation project called Otahpiaaki which focused on supporting and promoting the work of Indigenous artistic based entrepreneurs. Spirit River’s role was to research barriers to Indigenous economic success, and so he wrote his award winning paper “Indigenous Genocide: A Path to Indigenous Self Determination and Success” and now does workshops based on this research for businesses, nonprofits and all other groups and organizations.

From May 2020 to April 2022, Spirit River was the first Indigenous elected President for the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (re-elected in 2021) where he focused on COVID-19 management policy, as well as Indigenous student policy.

Spirit River is a public speaker and a workshop facilitator for Indigenization & Decolonization. Please visit the other areas of the site!

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