Indigenous Trauma Workshop

Price: It depends on your capacity as an institution or group. Institutions with larger capacity can expect the rates of a professional speaker. Grassroots and non-profits can expect a lesser rate or pro-bono, depending on circumstance.

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Colonization was a policy choice by European nations wanting to expand their empires across the globe. For Canada, this policy has lead to a string of policies that have instilled perpetual, ongoing historical trauma onto Indigenous peoples. In the Final Inquiry to MMIWG2S, this ongoing trauma was deemed a colonial genocide onto Indigenous people.

In my workshop I dive into my research on trauma as a barrier to Indigenous Success while I was a research associate at Mount Royal University. This work is award winning at the ISIRC 2018 conference, and I testified to the Senate of Canada in 2018 on this work as well. I cover two versions of my workshop for and Indigenous and non-Indigenous audience:

Non-Indigenous Audience
Ideal for board directors, committees, grassroots groups, organization, teams, etc. that are wanting to learn how their group can approach their agenda with a value of decolonization.

Decolonization for The People (Indigenous)
This is meant for an Indigenous audience. The topic is “How do we decolonize our minds and hearts, and heal our nations?”

For Individual 1-on-1
Please refer to the “Life Coaching” page. Let’s talk about this topic and what it means to you as an Indigenous person, or a non-Indigenous person.

My background is in Policy Studies, as well as my personal experience as a colonial trauma survivor. I will bring a political, economic, sociological and personal perspective on this topic in a one day, two hour workshop.

The start of the workshop is a presentation, then an unfiltered Q&A, and then a facilitated conversation on the topic of decolonization, as well as a few additional videos of interest if there is time.